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Absolutely not! We handle projects all over the United States. We always go above and beyond to help our customers. We can design and engineering any aspect you need. Then our Project Management team keeps it moving and on time. We have partners all over the US and our connections are constantly growing. If we do need something specific in a certain area, we will vet the contractor through our system and make sure it's exactly what you need.

Lynk Lyte can help in several ways. First, we can review and analyze these services and vendors making sure you are getting the best for your business. Second, we can be your "Single point of Contact" to help manage these services. Third, with our project and asset management services we can create timelines so you know when it's time to upgrade, replace or begin searching for new equipment/services. Since we handle this upfront you only deal with the important and final decisions. This gives you more time to focus on what your business does.

IT Consultants offer a wide range of expertise with technical services, including strategic planning, process improvement, organizational development, project management, market research, and technology implementation.

A business should upgrade its technology when its current systems are outdated, no longer meeting business needs, or posing a risk to the organization's operations or data security. It is also important to consider the business's growth plans and long-term goals.

The steps involved in upgrading technology in a business include identifying the technology needs, researching and evaluating available options, selecting the right solutions, preparing the infrastructure for the upgrade, testing the new systems, training employees, and monitoring and maintaining the technology.

Upgrading technology is important for businesses to improve efficiency, productivity, customer experience, and competitiveness. It also helps to address security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly turning to cloud-based technology solutions, with 94% of US SMBs currently using at least one cloud-based service. (Small Business Trends)

Yes. We work with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) all over the country. We check with all the providers in your area and find the best solution.

Yes. We work with many ISPs and always try and get fiber to your building. There are usually construction costs. However, with our experience and knowledge we can sometimes get this covered.

No. That would not be our ideal setup. There are so many professionals out there with exceptional experience and knowledge. In order for us to use any contractor/vendor with any of our customers, we have a very thorough partner program we use to vet these companies in every detail.

A Hosted PBX is phone system software running on a server in the cloud. This is the ideal way to use a phone system. Uptime, maintenance and a zero footprint at your business is just a few of the reasons.

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